Carnival in Tirol

Carnival season includes some of the most important folk events of Tirol. Long past rites and customs are still lived here and include an array of magical and anxiously awaited spectacles.

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Spring equinox




Nowhere else will you find so many diverse and deeply entrenched Carnival traditions as in Tirol. The Carnival season celebrates the natural changes of seasons. As with many Tirolean carnival customs, the festive parades are symbolic of the fight between the winter and the spring. In long past times, human survival was dependent on the pattern of the seasons, from spring to winter, from seedtime to harvest. The early festivals originated in celebration of this natural wonder. In order to ensure that the pattern of seasons would not fail, rites and ceremonies dedicated to the different gods were devised. Tirol has many great and joyous Shrovetide celebrations and parades.

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Traditional carnival parades.