Laetare de Stavelot

"The reigning prince-abbot forbade the monks to mingle with the popular rejoicings. The crowd evoked the joyous and regretful presence of the monks by donning a hood and a dress imitating their dress and their clothing. After new prohibitions, only one outfit, white one, will closely recall the monastic costume. A long nose hilarious mask will complete the accoutrement."

Pré Messire, 1 4970 Stavelot
City: Stavelot





A few days before mid-Lent




The Carnival of Stavelot consists of various parades of disguised groups, accompanied by music, floats and popular characters

Public space singular elements

The parades are in the most important streets of the city and end in the big square


Royal Comité des Fêtes de Stavelot

"Each year, a few days before mid-Lent, the organizing committee gathers all participating societies for a grand inaugural evening with songs and farandoles. This involves heating the voices, stretching the legs and tightening the ties. However, the task of the Festival Committee is not limited to preparing this joyful encounter. Composed by about fifteen people, he is in charge of orchestrating all aspects of the three acts of Laetare. An essential work where everything is to be planned and organized: the route and the order of the processions, the accompaniment of the bands and outside groups, the conduct of a contest which must entail emulation, promotion of the event , Contacts with the authorities, especially security."

Pré Messire, 1 4970 Stavelot