Aalborg Karneval

Aalborg Karneval is Northern Europe’s biggest public carnival parade with about 60.000 participants and 100.000 spectators.

Country: Danmark-Denmark
City: Aalborg
e-mail: Info@aalborgkarneval.dk
www: http://www.aalborgkarneval.dk/





The last week in May




One day before the Grand Parade, there is an international carnival celebration called Battle of Carnival Bands. Every year lots of interesting carnival groups from all over the world travel to Aalborg to participate in this event to compete for the title Best Carnival Group. The children also have their own carnival as several thousands of children of all ages dress up and march through the streets of Aalborg with their parents. During this special day the city park, Kildeparken is transformed into a magic world filled with experiences and thrills for the children.

Public space singular elements

The parade begins 4 different places in Aalborg. The different parts meet up downtown Aalborg and form one parade continuing to the city park Kildeparken. Here the Carnival Party continues for the rest of the day and the people can listen to live music, dance, see carnival shows and much more.