Bremer Samba-Karneval

A colorful sea of costumes and lively Sambarhythmen transformed the northern Bremen into a high castle of the carnival in February. Since the first Samba carnival in 1986, the event has risen to a fixed size in the Bremen cultural scene, which not only fascinates the people of Bremen: the Samba carnival attracts visitors from all over Germany and beyond the borders of the Federal Republic to Bremen. With this popularity of fans and participants from all over the world, the Bremen Samba Carnival has become the largest in Europe.

c/o Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Schildstraße 12-19 (3. Stock) - 28203 Bremen
City: Bremen





17 to 18 February




More than a hundred groups from the fields of dance and music came to the show last year, moving from the market square through the Easter gate. The pageant is attracted by thousands of spectators and interested parties as well as a diverse stage program in various cultural venues.

Public space singular elements

Parades through the streets of the locality.


Initiative Bremer Karneval e.V.

"The initiative "Bremer Karneval e.V." Is a grouping of people from different professions. Freelance artists or "amateurs" in the truest sense of the word - the term "amateur" is derived from the Latin "amare", that is, love, we love what we do. The many years of carnival have given us the necessary experience, professionalism and an invaluable know-how that will make the carnival in Bremen one of the biggest Samba carnivals in Europe, together with the commitment of all the active people."

c/o Kulturzentrum Lagerhaus Schildstraße 12-19 (3. Stock) - 28203 Bremen






"Luminous masks and stilts move through the narrow streets of the milk quarters on Friday evening. A fairytale

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"For many years the Bremer Karneval e.V. as an organizer of the annual Bremer Samba and Maskenpektakels has be

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"To the crowning conclusion, the carnival invites you to the slaughterhouse on Saturday night for the biggest

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