Bad Aussee Fasching

Historically what has been celebrated is the end of the cold winter and the expected arrival of spring. Traditionally, the inhabitants of Bad Aussee wore clothing that symbolized the winter, others did it in costumes that symbolized spring, very elaborate and full of color, made of linen and flowers that were carefully made weeks and even months before arrival Of the carnival. A peculiar fact is that even the men wore these women's suits to invoke spring by blowing the trumpet, and that's why they were called the Trommelweiber finally during the course of the parade, the spring made its appearance.

A-8990 Bad Aussee, Hauptstraße 48
City: Bad Aussee





16th and 17th of February




The theme is the struggle between winter and spring, disguises and masks representing these two seasons. The Trommelweiber, the "Flinserl and Pless are the 3 typical characters. The parades, and the great cavalcade with the distribution of candy for the children. There is also a great party to celebrate in the rest of the night that takes place in the bars and pubs of the city.

Public space singular elements

The parades, and the great cavalcade.