"But what makes the Carnival in Basel particularly special is its blend of anarchical chaos and well organized large-scale event."

Marktplatz 9 4051 Basel
Country: Switzerland-Switzerland
City: Basel





"Monday after Ash Wednesday"




"Morgenstreich: at 4 am all lights in the city centre are switched off, over 200 Carnival themes (sujets) painted on lanterns start glowing in the dark, and the signal is given for hundreds of drummers and piccolo-players to strike up the same march." "Cortège: The cliques, Gugge brass bands and other participants march or ride on floats past the many thousands of spectators." "Lantern exhibition: The lanterns of the cliques are placed on the Münsterplatz from Monday evening to Wednesday morning for the public to admire" "Guggenkonzert: Tuesday evening is all about the Gugge music bands" "Children's Carnival: On the second day of the Carnival in Basel, hundreds of children continue the tradition of taking part, individually or in groups, in a light-hearted parade "

Creative industry

"A large number of characters are on the move during Fasnacht. Five of them can look back on a long tradition. Some of them are based on Italy's Commedia dell'Arte, while others are inspired by local events: Waggis, Dummpeter, Alti Dante, Ueli, Blätzlibajass"

Public space singular elements

Parades through the streets of the city


Basel Tourismus

"Basel is and offers "Culture Unlimited". Basel Tourismus is dedicated to communicating this message and carries out numerous sales, PR and marketing activities in order to ensure that the special nature of our city is known well beyond the country's borders. Not least thanks to our many partners and members, Basel has been successful in positioning itself as a tourist destination."

Aeschenvorstadt 36, 4010 Basel