Les Brandons consists of a very multitudinous parade of music and fun costumes. During the weekend, the city of Yverdon takes on a carnival style and lives to the rhythm of the guggenmusiks, costumes, confetti ... The Brandons rhyme with moments of joys between the Yverdonnois and Yverdonnoises as well as the inhabitants of the region. This unmissable event of winter allows all generations to meet and share convivial moments. A weekend where the desire to meet, share, laugh, disguise and dance prime on everything else. True tradition, the Brandons allow the population to treat certain events that have staked the past year with humor and derision and are normally heralds of the beautiful season.

Case postale 354 1401 Yverdon-les-Bains
Country: Switzerland-Switzerland
City: Yverdon-les-Bains





"six weeks before Easter"




The rites of this festival consist of a parade of music bands and costumes in disguise, live music in the square, fireworks and the burning of a bonfire. With Tout feu tout flamme, its 1990 edition, the Yverdonian carnival opens to art. The organizing committee actually enters into contact with cartoonist Boubou, alias Yves Bourquin, who agrees to give a fantastic relief to the poster of the festival (red and yellow masks on black font of the most beautiful effect), and this Great experience will be repeated several years. This edition is also the presence for the first time of two guggenmusiks Swiss Alemannic, a clique coming now to support the one coming from Kriens. The choice is based on the Loechlitramper, who will personify in an extraordinary way the renewal of the Brandons of Yverdon, and will be present without ceasing since that year until.

Public space singular elements

Parades through the city's central streets.


Comité Brandons d'Yvernon