"The Malanka carnival in Vashkivtsi is a very peculiar local tradition performed here since old times. Even on the way, it is clear that the coming of the local carnival in the Bukovyna villages makes people enthusiastic."

Country: Україна-Ukraine
City: Vashkivtsi





These events typically occur one week after Christmas Eve.




"Today Malanka is re-enacted as in the times of Count Petrino, with the traditional participants of the ritual: the beauty Malanka, her boyfriend Vasyl, the Goat, the Old Man, the Old Lady, Bears, Gypsies, Devils and Doctors. Everybody has their duties: the Old Man offers something to drink, the Old Lady sweeps the devils out, and the Gypsy leads the Bear on the chain. Each Vashkivtsi district has its team of Cossacks, Vulan (a kind of officer), typical of Bukovyna, Bukshandar in a gala uniform and a hat with peacock feathers, and Malanka herself"

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