"The Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is one of the oldest parties, with more history and character of the capital of Gran Canaria. More than five centuries of life contemplate the celebration of the mascarita, the imposture ... and the flesh."

C/ León y Castillo, n° 322- 4ª planta.
City: Las Palmas



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It begins in February with the proclamation and ends in March with the burial of the sardine.


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The rituals of this carnival are mainly the carnival of choice for the carnival queen and the best Drag Queen. On the other hand, they act by groups of comparsas and murgas where they sing with satire the most current topics. We can not forget the great parades they carry out in the streets of the city

Creative industry

The candidates for Carnival queens and the Drag Queen contest have an industry of making costumes and very specific make-up.

Public space singular elements

The events take place in an improvised theater in the Santa Catalina park and in the main streets of the city


Sociedad de Promoción de la Ciudad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

"The purpose of the Society is to promote the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the production, management and dissemination of cultural, tourist and Carnival activities; As well as the commercialization of those products / services that give rise to corporate actions. Carry out all necessary steps to obtain economic contributions for their financing, taking the necessary measures for an efficient use of their economic budgets, managing them and administering them; As well as the acquisition, exploitation, alienation and lease of movable and immovable property that must be integrated into its assets or used."

C/ León y Castillo, n° 322- 4ª planta.






Acto donde se anuncia el arranque de las fiestas del carnaval. Suele tener lugar en la Plaza de Ana y es prota

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Gala de la Gran Dama

En el trono del Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria están representadas todas las edades y la Gran Dama es

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Gala de la Reina

"Una de las imágenes más populares del Carnaval es la que ofrecen en cada edición los trajes de las candida

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Gala Drag Queen

"La gala Drag Queen, uno de los platos fuertes del programa del Carnaval y una de sus más claras referencias

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Concurso de Murgas y Comparsas

"Las murgas, junto a las comparsas, constituyen buena parte de la esencia del Carnaval de Las Palmas de Gran C

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