Lampegat Eindhoven

Every year with the carnival Eindhoven happens to be called Lampegat, the city is full of parades and typical personages

Stationsplein 50 5611 BB Eindhoven
Country: Netherlands-Netherlands
City: Eindhoven





Sunday before Lent until the following Tuesday




Arrival of royal nobles: the Carnival Prince and his entourage arrive at the central station of Eindhoven. Lampegatse Kinderoptocht: parade of children Lampegatse optocht: parade Lampegats Markiezenbal (Marquesses' Ball): celebration in which the new young prince and princess of Lampegat is chosen. Stropdas kroegentocht: Correbars (lasts from 11am to 11pm) simply drink a lot.

Creative industry

Construction of carriages and costumes

Public space singular elements

Parades in the city